Support » Adding songs on Android 11

Android 11 and later include a new "security" feature that forces additional steps before Synthesia can show your songs in the song list.

For MIDI songs (with a .mid or .midi file extension), this method isn't required. The normal method of adding entire folders to scan (from the SettingsSongs screen) will continue to work.

This (Android 11 and later-specific) method described in this guide is required for:


Click the "Add" button in the lower-left corner of the song list to show Android's file selection pop-up. Find and select a song that you'd like to appear in Synthesia's song list.

Tip: The file selection interface has multi-select enabled. Hold on the first file for about a second until it changes to a selection. After that you can tap as many other files as you like. Once you're finished, choose the accept button and all of the songs will be added to Synthesia at the same time.

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